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From Terrorizer Magazine #54
Already being hailed as the successors to the sadly incapacitated Dissection, Sweden´s Dawn have
eclipsed the competition with their second full-length "Slaughtersun".
Satspal Kalsi talked to frontman Henke Forss about the album as well as his work with Niden Div.187.
Sweden´s Dawn have made a timely return with the release of their
second full-length album, "Slaughtersun (The Crown of the Triarchy)".
With Emperor´s album more or less receiving all the accolades, "Slaughtersun" follows up
with an even more innovative Deathgrind/Black Metal mix that is as evocative as anything
putting out by the Norwegians with the added ingredient of maintaining their base with Death Metal.
I talked to main man Henke Forss about why Dawn has that underlying tone of hatred in
the best traditions of Death Metal, and his work with musical extremists Niden Div.187.
" Well, since we´re not Satanists, none of us, it seems we have a bigger interest in death.
Niden came about because we had to express a different kind of hate through
another medium, so we formed another band to express our feelings towards
war and, like, general destruction. Emperor are doing their own thing and it feels like we have two audiences.
We have the pure Black Metal audience listening to Emperor and we
have a mixed audience with Black Metal and Death Metal people listening to our stuff."
Niden Div.187, which features Henke, plus members from Thy Primordial and
A Canarous Quintet, is almost the alter ego to Dawn, where
fast skull-pummelling Grind expresses an anger that Dawn never could.
"Yeah, you could say that because as you said, Dawn is atmospheric and tries to
put a focus on live atmosphere and we put out our ideas through in that way.
Well, we try to hide the violence and hatred a bit more, so it´s not that direct as Niden."
Though Emperors Satanism is probably as convincing as it gets within
Black Metal, there´s still a feeling, on Henke´s part, that it´s become a distraction
from the realities of life. In the case of Niden and to a lesser extent Dawn, the hatred is born out of a celebration of war.
"You could say that, but I don´t think war is an evil or bad thing.
War can be good in many ways. Many wars have to be fought because... well, I can´t
really explain the way I feel about it. One of reasons for that is that the world is
overpopulated and there´s always going to be something to depopulise the world like
natural disasters, so war is also necessity for the destruction of mankind. I don´t know if
it´s as much for Dawn but the members of niden are strong misanthropic people.
We´re not fascists, we´re not Nazis and we´re not racists. We basically don´t like anybody.
Well, for me personally, when I grow up I was always having to face defeat in any
kind of way. Like always at school and people in the town always people picking on me.
Well, not really picking on me but trying to put me down.
So I have total mistrust for people in general."
The atmosphere enveloping "Slaughtersun" has a definite filmic quality that makes it
less traditionally constructed than most albums in this genre.
With just seven songs, across sixty minutes, Dawn are plunging themselves into challenging territory.
"When I listen to the new Dawn album, I don´t feel the
songs are very long if you look at the counter.
The songs are ten or twelve minutes but feel like five minutes.
We don´t try to achieve making long songs, they turn out that way.
The songs on the mini-CD, "Sorgh Pa Svarte Vingar Flogh", are pretty long as well.
People are kind of pissed that it´s just two songs and one cover.
But we say it´s a pretty long mini album anyway
- about twenty minutes."
Niden Div.187 are still due to put out an album, though they are no more, and will
continue the War theme of "Impergium". I mean, how much more extreme could they get?
"We´re going to be worse, believe me. It´s going to be faster, more intense, more hatred.
I´ve thought about the lyrics already, and if we have ten songs, then five of them are going to be
on the topic of homicide, and the other five are going to be on the topic of genocide and war.
There´s going to be two parts to the album."
I get the feeling that Henke is just a tortured and melancholic soul who probably needs to get a life.
"Yeah, you could say that. I´m a really antisocial person. I don´t mix very good with
people or feel very good in crowds or stuff like that. I can only speak for myself and
Andreas but we stay in all the time. We don´t mix with each other in the band,
we don´t go out together. Frederik (also in Cranium) likes to drink beer and get
drunk and stuff like that. Outside of the band I listen to a lot of music and work out.
I listen to a lot of non-Metal music like Tool, and I listen to a lot of ambient stuff like
on Cold Meat Industry. We don´t have a sense of humour when playing our music, of course,
because there´s nothing funny about it. Of course we each have a sense of humour,
we can laugh at people getting shot or something like that. I think that´s funny."
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