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The band was formed in Mjölby (Sweden), it was put together of a Thrash band and a
Death metal band at the end of 1990.
They called their music Death metal and were inspired by Black metal bands.
Their first demo was entitled "Apparition" and their second "Apparition 2".
The "Apparition 2" demo was recorded at Gorysound Studios in Finspång.
It went to sell over 200 copies and it was released as a 7" EP by a small label called, Bellphegot Records.
The result was "The Eternal Forest", a split-CD with another metal band
The year was 1993 when Dawn decided to enter Dan Swanös´ Unisound studios.
The band had changed their style and recorded the "Promo´93".
At this time, the small American label Necropolis got their "Promo ´93".
Dawn was signed immediately, the Americans had realised the bands potential and
gave them high priority. Another band on Necropolis back then was Jon Nödtviedts The Black.
In May 1994, Dawn entered the Unisound Studios in Sweden to record their first fullength album.
The debut album "Naer Sólen Gar Niþer For Evogher" was like Necropolis
described it, a dark atmospheric Death/Black metal album, with beautiful classic
guitar parts combined with pure hate and malicious tunes.
Two of the eight tracks was written in ancient Swedish and translated by
Shamaatae of Arckanum which also was contracted with Necropolis.
Later that year, Displeased Records from Holland offered Necropolis a licensing deal for Europe.
They played some shows throughout 1995, and in the winter they entered the studio once again.
This time, in the Abyss studio with Peter Tägtgren (also known from the Death Metal band Hypocrisy).
Dawn planned to record the new album in Unisound but Dan Swanö couldn´t book
them until a couple of months after that the Abyss could and they took a chance and chose Abyss.
The MCD was called "Sorgh Pa Svarte Vingar Flogh" and contained three
songs and a cover of Infernal Majestys "Night of the living dead".
Necropolis made in 1996 a sponsorshipdeal with B.C.Rich guitars and basses for the band.
The same year, the English Black metal group Cradle of Filth was
going out on a tour, and wanted Dawn touring with them.
Unfortunately Dawn had to cancel it, because they didn´t have the new album
out and Jocke (who had replaced Karsten, who left Dawn for
his other band Mithotyn) wasn´t ready for touring, because it was a short notice.
After a few years and a mini-CD, the new album was on its way.
In 1998 the album "Slaughtersun (Crown of the triarchy)" was released,
and again it was recorded at the Abyss Studios in Sweden.
It contained seven, very long tracks with lyrics full of hatred,
but this time every lyric was written in English, and by different writers.
One of them was written by ex. Afflicted member Philip von Segebaden
The new drummer Jocke "Morth" from Thy Primordial (also in Niden Div.187) was
like expected a very tight drummer and the music was even more furious and faster than before.
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